About Us

When it comes to producing a top quality liquid, Kalari comes out with a bold statement. We're here to stay. Our manufacturer has been in the Hookah industry before Vaporizing was invented. They established a steady retail and wholesale business all over the world that enabled them to enter the Vaping Industry with a bang. They first produced our line of products back in 2013 when Vaping was becoming a hit. After a few months of steady business flow and a great response from our retail fan base (Yes, even globally),  we started promoting our product with a heavier marketing plan. We were fortunate enough to Stage sponsor CBS's Sacramento radio station 102.5 KSFM LIVE event featuring the likes of Lil Jon, Too Short, E-40, 50 Cent, Kid Ink and more. Since then, we have had a bigger response then before. 
Now with higher expectations from our fans, we produced a high end quality E Liquid like no other. Kalari Prime. This liquid was manufactured with a greater extent of experienced vapers to use it. The process of our manufacturing allows the liquid to burn perfectly making the unwanted flavors stay out of the picture. We rationed our Kalari Prime a 70% VG to a 30% PG. This will allow you to embark in the savory flavors whilst the PG gives you the amount of vapor for a large white cloud. Released in March of 2015, we are already distributing in large amounts all over the U.S. Our next goal. GLOBAL.


We start our nicotine extraction process by using our carefully constructed extraction method of 
Virginian Tobacco leafs. This will allow us to use a rich nicotine extract to mix with our Kalari Blends. After we have extracted our nicotine from Tobacco Leafs, we age the extracted nicotine for 2-3 months. While our nicotine ages we begin our Kalari Blend process. We start our blend process by first aging each individual flavor for months prior to the beginning of our mixing process. After aging our flavors, we mix our flavors to create a Kalari Blend. Once our blend has been crafted, we mix in our aged nicotine extract. We then age the final product one last time until  the most precisely manufactured Liquid is produced.


We have been crafting E Liquids for a good period of time. We know the difference between Quality Liquids and a quickly manufactured Liquid. We have tested and tested until we came up with the most perfect product to date. Our aging process allows for the nicotine to perfectly breakdown with the flavor. You will not get hints of flavor here and hints of nicotine there, like most E Liquids on the market. Kalari will leave you with a harsh free throat hit and  you will get a full flavored draw. 
The perfect draw.