Kalari Prime Far East Opiate (20ml)
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Ben  | Vaped at 55w .20 ohms 13h9h

Caramel, Irish cream, Mango, Banana, and Lychee. Nice thick viscosity on this juice which I like because I drip. Vapor production is about average, and the juice is pretty gentle on the coils. I would describe this juice as lychee and cream with a hint of mango. I believe lychee is a very powerful flavoring and maybe slightly perfumey. So I think the other ingredients in this juice were added to kind of kill some of that perfume and round out the sharp pungency of the lychee. If you like lychee you will love this juice. If you have never had lychee you probably won't like it. And if you hate lychee RUN! I steeped this for about 2 months. It's a well done juice, and is the best representation of lychee I have experienced in an e-liquid.